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    Need Vocal Samples and Violin, Cello, etc

    I'm creating a sample library for halion and need a few vocal samples, simple ooh's and aahs with real vibrato. If anyone can help me out, that would be great. You must be okay with a commercial use though. It will be a small libary. At most, I expect to make 700 hundreds dollars of it. A few patches will use the vocal samples.

    I could also use some sustained cello and other stringed instruments as well.

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    OK, as for classical instruments, try this link:
    British Philharmonia instrument samples
    And, regarding vocal samples, some of them can be found here:
    free vocal sample pack

    I know it is not much, but I guess we all need to start from somewhere, don't we? smile All the mentioned samples are either under CC license, or Royalty-free, similar to CC.

    For more research I'd suggest you registering at KVR Audio and looking here.

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