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    Jingle for a podcast

    Hey there,

    friends and me want to start a (german) literature and writing podcast and wanted to ask for a recognizable short jingle, maybe guitar or something.
    We would like to have a signature jingle with a maximal length of 30 seconds.

    We would of course credit you and if you like we can also talk about a payment. smile

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    More tunes on CCmixter than Freesound, e.g. ...

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    Freesound does not allow jingles to be uploaded. If you would like a create a jingle from freesounds you will have do download sounds you like and then create it from that soundpool. Like Timre says it's better to look elsewhere unless somebody sees your request and contacts you.

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    Not so fast boys!

    here is just a quick suggestion,

    I think this is a nice riff. A good start.

    BlueSiren ask permission from the owner. but it has a great license:

    if that works, I can shorten it and record a text into, eg.
    great text for a literature and writing podcast.

    The text is from a brother in law. I have to ask for permission.
    Just an Idea..

    if you think it is a good idea. send me a PM with thi complete text so I know later what my fantasy gave me that moment...

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen from the Netherlands


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