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    Voice Actress Request for Osmosis Jones animation!

    So, as a hobby, I animate every now and then. And after completing a genderbent model (Because female models are easier to deal with and I like having fun with the rule 63 trope) of Thrax from Osmosis Jones, I felt like animating the scene in the sauna, the scene were we see Thrax for the second time since he was revealed and when he establishes the pecking order, with him at the top of the food chain in the city of Frank's underworld.

    Model in question:

    Scene in question:

    Thing is, I want to redo the scene with a new voice for him, er, her, to match the fact I made a female model. Unfortunately, as a poor college student, I don't have money to commission anyone so really the best I can hope for is that a kind voice actress with enough time on her hands decides to give this a shot.

    I'm looking for a deep sounding female voice for Thrax in this vid, someone who can match his tone. Someone who sounds a tiny bit sassy, but not in an exaggerated ghetto way.

    To put it simply, someone who sounds African American, as that's the kind of voice actor Thrax had and that was the kind of persona he had going on.

    Here's a script if ya need it:

    Again, this is mostly just a hobby for fun, but I'm gonna put my all into animatin' it, and if anyone's interested then hey, have fun with it, you know?

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