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    Hardstyle Vocals

    Hello .I'm a hardstyle producer and i really need you help.
    I need some dark vocals for my new track. The vocals should be saying:

    Distorted beats, broken screeches and dark melodies is only the first step for entry to our universe
    This lifestyle is vital for us, This is our religion, welcome to our nation
    This - is - Rawstyle Nation.

    THANK YOU in advance and greetings from México.

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    Hey Alexx,

    What you're needing is a voice actor. You might have a tough time finding one here on freesound, though it is possible. To save time for you though, I'd check out sites like
    where you can find a decent VA who will record pretty much anything for $5-$10 dollars. Local college actors are usually eager to help for little $$$ as well.

    If what you need is someone to do voice modulation, I'd be happy to lend a hand.


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