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    Long natural woods recording

    Hello Freesounders,

    It happens very infrequently that I post requests. However, I have an extraordinary sad reason to do so today. I don't want to go into detail in this public forum, but someone incredibly important and incredibly young in my life and my wife's just passed away.

    I am thus looking for an extra long recording of a peaceful "forrest ambience" to play during the good-bye ceremony. Something with some birds and perhaps some wind through the leaves, ....

    Currently the ceremony is planned for April 6th so I would need this before then. I know I can look through Freesound, but I would like something specifically recorded with this in mind, something we will be able to listen to later as well, remembering this important and sad time in our life...

    yours in grief,

    - bram & family

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    See PM

    To hear, you first have to listen
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    My in menoriam in audio

    To hear, you first have to listen
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    Dear Bram,

    My warmest heartfelt thoughts to you and your family.

    No recording from me, but I could not have matched the calm and peace captured by klankbeeld anyway.

    I hope that over time the experience of having had them in your life will leave positive memories; a gain that will outlast your feelings of loss.

    My best regards to you all,


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    One contribution, a mix of many samples:
    The hardest part was to try to get the specific mood I was looking for. I'll upload something more if I can.

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    hello Bram-

    Best to you and yours.

    Here is a contribution-

    or a "generated" piece

    good luck!

    TEC (jcg)

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