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    Williams Defender

    Hi everyone. I am making a twin stick SHMUP for Android which is similar to an old 80's arcade game called Williams Defender, and I would like to have sound effects that sound like the originals (without actually being the originals ripped from a ROM).

    I need sound effects very similar to most of the original game sound effects. In all there are 18 effects required.

    I have all the required sound effects ripped from a MAME ROM and can provide a ZIP archive with those if you need them to work from.

    I figure that anyone with a good knowledge of Bfxr or something similar would make short work of this. But hey, what the heck do I know?'m just a lowly programmer wink

    If anyone thinks they might be able to assist then please reply or send me a PM.

    Oh, the game is about 95% complete and I would like to get it published in the next few weeks if possible smile

    I'm willing to share revenue but I must say that my first two games have generated zero income as of yet.

    I could possibly scrape up some money to purchase the effects but would prefer if somebody who knew a bit about engineering effects and really loves Defender (like I do), was keen on seeing it re invented smile

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