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    Roles for Strange Paradise

    Strange Paradise - Original Pilot by Ian Martin

    Please send in your audition lines by no later than midnight on August 17th to Please give me 3 takes of each line in ONE file only. MP3 and the rate bit you are used to is fine.

    The following roles need to be filled:


    Dan Forrest - He's in his late 30s/early to mid 40s. Romantic interest of Alison Carr and Jean Paul's attorney.

    Line 1: Oh? Well join the club. I haven't heard from her husband either. And I'm responsible for the emperor's empire including but not limited to a brokerage house, a department store, three newspapers, a football franchise, motion picture and television interests, and real estate holdings slightly---
    Line 2: Nope. I think it's an idyllic love with one of the richest men in the world who owns an island paradise. Now wouldn't you like to hide away there for a little while? (a beat) After marriage of course.

    Dr. Menkin - He's in his late 50s/early 60s. The role is not recurring.

    Line 1: The voice of reason is helpless in the face of agony and grief.
    Line 2: I couldn't save her in life, Mr. Desmond - any more than I could save the child she was carrying. (STRONGER) How can I possibly help her in death?

    D'anton - friend of Jacques Eloi Des Mondes. Appears in 2 episodes. Can have a French accent. These are all the lines so if I like your audition, I will simply use this performance.

    Line 1: Jacques Eloi Des Mondes!
    Line 2 : Now Jacques Eloi Des Mondes, you are a poor cavalier! You marry a young beauty like this but stand up in a corner drinking by yourself? That's damned unchivalorous.
    Line 3: (chucking) But the master's bed is the other way!


    Dr. Alison Carr - Late 20s/mid 30s. She is the younger sister of Erica Desmond. She is a medical doctor and cares very much for her sister and brother-in-law.

    Line 1: Any woman would thrive on that. Especially my sister. Oh how she loves the excitement of parties and crowds and persistent reporters. But I guess she loves Jean Paul even more.
    Line 2: I thought lawyers were supposed to be pragmatic, not romantic.

    Ruth - Late 20s/early 30s. The role is not recurring.

    Line 1: I’m sorry, he isn’t. But I expect him in about an hour. Is there a message?
    Line 2: Phylis, I think I'm going to be fired again. I'll talk to you later.

    Huaco - 18-23. (Appears in 2 episodes) Can have a French accent. These are all the lines so if I like your audition, I will simply use this performance.
    Line 1: And unromantic!
    Line 2: How could my eyes see your eyes on every woman in the room?
    Line 3: Is it then my turn to bed?

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    Saw this request before:

    Audition-lines. Hmmmm, I do not understand. whats going on? is there a radio-play a film? Commercial or not? And if I send these MP3 line and I'm in. Do I have to do hem over and over again in WAV?

    Please tell me / us more. What is the plan and what do you expect from the freesounders?

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    It's an audio play. Non-paying. You won't have to redo it over in wav. The audition is strictly to figure out who would be best in each role. After the deadline I have listed, I will contact all who auditioned and let you know who has each role. If the role is small (Huaco and D'anton) I will just use the lines you auditioned with. If the role is one of the recurring ones, I'll give you the full script, a new deadline for all the lines, and ask for retakes if necessary. I plan on producing an episode at least once a month. I hope that answers your questions. smile

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    some questions left;

    1] so, this is no mend as 'a company' as you write on this page:

    2] is it possible as a player to get he script-lines spoken as well (mp3) in the future, because I'm a dyslectic not native speaker?

    a voice-sample:

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    1. It's part of a company but I haven't decided on the name. I've been a part of other companies but the fan fiction/continuation of Strange Paradise has always been my thing.

    2. Sure! I don't mind accommodating you in that way. I will listen to your voice clip. If there is a particular role you are interested in, just let me know and I can record those lines for you. Could you email me so I know where to send it to?

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    Here are some other roles. Same deadline and everything else applies:

    Strange Paradise - Original Episode #2 by Ian Martin

    Deadline: August 17th (by midnight)
    Recording: MP3, one file only for each character. 3 variations of the audition lines. Please state your name before you begin your lines so I can give the Announcer the correct pronunciation of your name
    File type: 44100hz, 128-bit
    Label your lines: Yourfullname_YourCharacter_StrangeParadise_Ep# and send them to

    The following recurring roles need to be filled:

    Tim Stanton - he's in his mid 20s/early 30s. He's an artist on the run from a mobster.

    Line 1: I had a mother, the last of all my family. Small and Irish, sharp and sweet. And there wasn't a problem in the world you couldn't laugh at with her till - till it hit her.

    Line 2: The last three months I watched her waste away, pain so incredible they buried her in drugs. And with that all the sparkle and the humor and I-I couldn't watch her hurt. Money had to be found.

    Line 3: I had no right to get you involved in my problems. Sorry but this isn't your scene. Don't think I'm not grateful. Here. It's the only way I can say you for putting up with me.

    Vangie Abbott - She appears to be in her mid to late 30s but she's a lot older than she looks. Her hobbies are reading the tarot and tapping into her other abilities.

    Line 1: I wish there was something I could too but what I make here I can barely afford the blue plate special. Anyway, Tim refuses to drag anyone else into his private woes but there's one way you might be able to help.

    Line 2: I've seen Tim's canvases. Now this boy is better than good. Mr. Desmond is an art collector. If he'd just take a look at some of Tim's stuff, he might find something he likes well enough to buy.

    Line 3: Tim! See you a minute? Dr. Carr has an interesting money making proposition for you. (a beat) Seventy-five hundred dollars. Isn't that about right, Dr. Carr?

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