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    Urgent Radio Podcast Vocals needed for tonight !!!

    Heya ... I have started a Free Hardstyle Radio podcast which i do weekly but have no Radio sweeps and descriptions for the Show itself and really would appreciate if i could get a female or male voice to do just 2 sweeps for me for my show i need to upload in a few hours. I will post the soundcloud link of the podcast here after it is uploaded tonight so the vocal artist can use it as reference and put it as part of there portfolio smile

    Here is the link to week 1 of the podcast so you can hear the type of music and sweeps i was using:

    All i need is these 2 sweeps:

    "Heart-Style Radio South Africa" (Must emphasize the Heart and not say Hard)

    "Hardstyle Sundays at ESP Night Club with Eddy Virgo ..... " (Hardstyle as stated)

    I would really appreciate this so much and Thank you so much in advance smile

    Best Regards

    Eddy Virgo

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    I was going to Suggest Radiodaddy but you beat me to it ...

    NB: Radiodaddy admins object to "urgent" free "time sensitive requests", and IIRC will block people replying to them ...

    ""Please be aware that we do not accept ASAP, or time sensitive requests for a reason. Our talent volunteer their time when available and may not be able to meet your deadline. To avoid disaster, we ask you do not make these requests at all. Thank you! ""

    i.e. maybe delete any references to a deadline if you want it for free.

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