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    Sample for my motion Pictures logo

    I'm looking for a sound designer, or anyone who likes to work with sound effects, that could make me a sample for my "motion picture" logo.You can watch it here: --> Version 1 -->Version 2

    Information for you to have something to start up on this project:

    The sample, is meant to be used as a background music, probably there's gonna be another soundtrack with a much "orquestrical" style over it. So this means the sample I'm requesting has to be subtil, and match with the timing on the intro. Have a 3s fade in and a 1s fade out, although if you ask, I can provide you the Project so you can extend or short the timing of the video and of the actions happening in it.

    For you to have a reference, you can hear the motion picture's logos of Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures,DC Comics, Syncopy on movie The Dark Knight Rises.

    For you to try to figure out a bit of what I have in mind and what I can suggest you to try, I tell you that it's of my personal taste that I love these bass deep echo and reverbed tones like on TDKR Logos that are so characteristics of the action movies. I can imagine a sound like that one behind some "flying metal" sound masking the flying objects that are animated to shape my logo, and then a "lightning sound" something like a lightningsaber if you want to call it so, or try to make something original, to mask the light that loops. Than a much dramatic note can hit in harmony combined for the first note that hits for the Fade in, so this becomes our the Fade Out. You can also make another sound to fade in as the text shows in and fades out along with the same text and the other fade out sound.
    Other suggestion is to, keeping the bass, have some sort of sound from an "expelling thing" that masks the pieces flying to the left in the begining of the logo, and them other sound that works like a "magnet" to attract the "Metal pieces" into the form of my logo, besides the "lightning sound" that works as a mask for the light loop, and than a grave bass for the fade in and out of the text.

    if someone that feels more confort with orquestres, has CUBASE and orquestrical instruments, or even other programs, is willing to try make a short theme for overlaying this sample, I'd be glad to see some suggestions and proposes from them too.

    So at the end, I will use both tracks from this request. Of course, I'll give credit to the artists.

    I won't be troubled if you want to experiment different things, ignoring my suggestions. I can also, provide you the project (it's in Vegas 11) so you can change the timings and stuff, but if you want something of visual to be edited, I can take care of that, it's just a matter of asking me.

    But before anything, I'd like to know who's interessed by reading some feedback in here.
    Any questions, suggestions, I'll be glad to hear. For private messaging:

    Never give up is the secret to improve!

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