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    Big Wheel Sound Effect!

    Hi everyone,

    I've been searching for a big wheel sound effect for aaaages now and I can't find a good one anywhere! By 'big wheel' I mean the kind of gameshow/casino spinning wheel that clacks round as it spins (similar to The Price is Right US and UK gameshows where they have the big wheel game at the end of the show which the contestants spin (although in the US version this wheel makes a beeping noise, I'm after the noise of just the wheel clacking, like in the UK version, it have almost a wooden sound to it) (the noise that the wheel makes in 'Wheel of Fortune' is another way of describing it!).

    Does anyone know here I can find a sound effect like this or know what kind of thing I should be searching for to find this type of clacking noise that slowly clacks to a halt? (Ideally I would like it to last for 8 seconds)

    If anyone would like to record me one that would be ammmmmaaaaazing, you would be credited if I use it in my project, and I would love you very much for doing so! smile

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    bicycle spokes is similar ...

    e.g. ... [second half]

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