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    Body thrown into a van?

    *cough* Well... For a small hobby-project, which will be a short game, I need some sound effects.
    Most of them are ibvious and things I can easily find...
    But this particular sound... I'm just not sure how to search for something like that D:

    The sound should sound like somebody throwing someone into the back of a van.
    Similar sounds of just someone falling on the ground might be ok, too maybe, but I just
    don't find something that sounds fitting :/

    Since that sound is for the intro, where I only play with sounds and no images will be shown,
    it should be obvious what happens...

    Does someone know a sound that might fit?
    Or how I could look for it?
    Or maybe even would be kind enough to make one?

    Your name of course will be in the credits...
    I don't know what else I could offer besides my gratitude V.V

    Thanks in advance <:3

    Just a crazy person, loving sounds and music.
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    I'm new to this site as of 2 minutes ago. I figure you could put a sack of potatoes in a jacket and toss into different vehicles/car trunks to get a pretty convincing sound. Perhaps I'll record some.

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    search 'body falling'

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    Thanks for your help, guys <3

    Since I changed my intro, due to some story-changes, I found the right sounds
    But since I still might need the sound again, I'm very happy for your ideas
    and links!

    Just a crazy person, loving sounds and music.

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