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    ALL GLORY TO (something similar to) THE HYPNOTOAD

    I'm looking for a legally free sound that sounds like Hypnotoad. Any ideas?

    I tried some turbine sounds, and tried changing pitch, boosting the bass, and a few other things to the sounds I found, but didn't get anything I'm satisfied with. Can anyone think of a good sound to start with?

    For reference:

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    I would try some electronic current, "tesla coil"-sounds.
    If you don't have a tesla coil at home, try the following library:

    (site with great sound fx, awesome pay-what-you-can pricing model)

    I would look for a short loop with only slight modulation to get the repetitive hypnotic feel. Maybe use a little pitching, then EQ out aggressive frequencies and use compression/saturation...

    Might also worth to layer with some static noise or drone...

    good luck,

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