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    Need hysterical voices

    Hello everyone smile

    First of all, I'm french. So please forgive me if there are mistakes in my message ! sad

    My and some friends are editing a short film quite psychedelic, which tells the story of a killer who is caught by the police and then imprisoned (yes, I imagine it sounds very corny written that way !). This killer calls himself "BOUDDHA" and he's very famous. When he enters the prison (which actually rather looks like an asylum...), there are many hysterical and mad voices coming from everywhere, saluting him. Of course we don't see directly the other prisonners, they are off-camera.

    So, I'm asking the audacious people of this community ! lol I would need some hysterical voices who would shout "Hello, Bouddha !" you know, things like that. You're free to say what'd please you actually smile I'm also looking for hysterical screams and laughters.

    Actually there is a second request I'm going to insert in this post. When the prison guards (at times off-camera !) leads BOUDDHA to his cell, I would appreciate to hear them say, with a grave voice, things like "Step forward, Bouddha !" "You'll rot in this cell !" "You'll have all the time to medit in your cell !" etc. (yes they're not very nice haha) And so I'd appreciate some voices for them too smile The guards can also speak to each others, saying things like "If I had been told that a bouddhist would end up here, I wouldn't believe it !" (my conjugation may be wrong, english isn't my native language.. sorry about that)

    If you can help me on any points I would appreciate that a lot ! ^^ I've already asked my friendly circle but I'm currently living in France, so you know the english accents aren't much credible XD
    Of course I'm basically going to put your pseudo within the end credits of the movie (but if for any reason you don't want to figure within it of course you can tell me smile ).
    Besides, if you have any questions don't hesitate.

    Thank you ! smile

    Best regards,

    (PS : sorry if there are mistakes, my english is not perfect ! ^^")

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    I found some really good voice overs! These two are funny and animated

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