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    Dj intro

    Hi all,

    I'm new here so I first want to introduce myself:
    I'm Kevin Le Page, a 15 jaar old beginning dj, I love music so I decided to do something with it.
    I have made a couple of remixes (who aren't so good at all) but there's still one thing missing: a dj intro.
    I tryed to make it by myself but it was the worst intro ever sad
    So would annybody here like to make one for me?
    The only thing it neef to say is this: "DJ Kevin, faillure is not an option."
    For special effects,... I trust on your experience, make it cool, make something like: wow.
    I hope Someone Will be interested to make this.
    It's not for commercial use, just for private use.

    Kevin Le Page. smile

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