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    Male voice needed for a poem

    Alright, so I'm making a kinetic typography video and wanted to have original content to work from so I wrote a quick poem, and wanted someone to do a read of it. I plan on it being kind of fast paced, almost pressured; kind of like how To this Day gets.

    I'm completely open to the reader rewording some of it to make it easier to say, as long as the general topic and emotion gets through.

    So anyway, here is the poem I whipped up:

    Picture a young boy
    growing up in a suburban home
    sitting in the seventh pew of the local church
    reciting with all of the others
    “God is good”
    with an empty expression
    because that’s what he’d been taught to do.

    Picture a boy
    coming home from school
    to see his stay-at-home mom
    with a needle in her arm and a note that says
    “I’m sorry.”
    so he watches television until his dad comes home
    from another night of drinking.
    The boy hadn’t eaten yet.
    The church found out and told the boy
    they would pray for him and with their
    empty expressions said
    “God has special plans for you”
    but he did not feel comforted.

    Picture a young man
    visiting his mom in the hospital
    who had to have her arm amputated
    because of heroin overdose
    and the only trace of his father
    is the signature at the bottom of
    divorce papers
    and when he graduates high school
    he’ll have to find any job he can
    to care for his mother because the hospital bills
    are becoming too much a burden to stay
    and the church does their deed for the day
    by telling the young man
    “God forgives.”
    But he just wonders
    ‘What did I do for God to forgive?’

    Picture a man with no trace of family left
    after his mother died in the bedroom
    and he lost the only job he could find
    and has been unemployed for years
    keeping shelter in his smaller home with
    Kenmore stamped on the side
    and the only comfort he has is his right palm
    and his third beer of the day
    as the church watches on and preaches
    of the sins the man has committed resulting
    in his homelessness.
    “God has forsaken him”
    they would say among each other
    and the man wonders
    “Whose god would do this?”

    Picture an old man
    Laying in a wooden box
    in front of family who found out of his existence
    only because of a phone call
    and a preacher reading scriptures
    and saying
    “God was testing him
    to see him fit for heaven.”
    And the old man gets lowered into the earth
    where he will reside for eternity
    not needing to face the god
    he called enemy.

    So there you go. Take all the time, you need, I'm in no hurry, and not real picky on how it turns out.
    Thanks a bunch!

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    Here you go, dude.

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    Thanks a bunch, man! Sorry for the late reply.
    I will be sure to let you know when the video is finished.

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