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    Leaves swept along by the wind bounces on a road

    Hello everybody smile

    I'm new here. First of all, I wanted to thank this wonderful community for all the beautiful sounds that you places at our disposal ! smile
    I'm a cinema student and it's been a few monthes that your database allows me to form beautiful soundtrack for my short films, more than any commercial website. So thank you for this wonderful work, I feel very grateful towards this ! grin

    I'm also writing this thread to solicit your help, on a particular problem I'm encountering.
    Indeed, I'm actually directing an animal documentary about my cats. (yeah sorry, it's not very epic ! lol). But my material ressources are very limited : I don't have anything but my camcorder to record sounds properly !
    A few days ago, there was a lot of wind blowing in my city. And there were leaves flying on the ground ! So I shooted them.

    They were coming from very far, and passed next to my camcorder. I told myself that the sound of all those flying leaves had to be fantastic !
    Unfortunately, the wind was blowing in my camcorder's little micro... and the soundtrack of this shoot is very ugly !

    So I'm here to ask you... How can I reproduce neatly that sound of leaves coming from far away to pass by my camcorder ? sad Do you have any ideas ? All my tries failed...

    Thank you smile

    PS : If there are mistakes in my message, or if I'm not clear, don't hesitate to tell me ! I'm french and it's not evident for me to explain this request in english :/ Thanks smile

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