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    game project ( need female voice)

    hi I'm in the process of making a game and need some help with a cut scene

    I need a female voice that sounds posh and maybe old doesn't have to be thou if anyone could help I would be very grateful. the reason for this script is that it's meant to be the voice-over of mother nature so I wanted it to sound instructive and like it comes from a seat of authority

    note to the script if you could pause regularly and sound dramatic it would really help.

    .welcome to evolution. A game of power and change.

    .first you must build your weapons

    .the gather an important plants that will sustain your empire

    .the tank thick tall the backbone of your armies

    .the carnivore and meat-eating tyrant plant

    .so go build your forests build your gardens. But they will come for you with axe and stone fire and hunger, Humans ( spitefully)

    .but I give to you a gift, the gift of change. this will let you join your armies to become one. stronger, faster, better. Until you have created your own new species. then you can use them as your own breed of Tower within any new game.

    .now go my Champion and save us all

    thank you very much I hope you help

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