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    need background music for windows phone game

    I have a windows phone game published already in the marketplace.

    Here is a link :

    I want a background music loop and some music to be played at the homescreen.

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    Then you are on the righ place. Welcome.
    Start searching and downloading.
    Do not forget to give proper credit, people who made the sounds.
    Good luck.

    never mind the botox zagi2
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    Freesound is not for music. See Loops that are building blocks for music are allowed though - perhaps that will be enough for your cause.

    In addition to the links behind the link above, I can recommend and . Make sure to read and understand the licenses to respect the terms under which the artists share their work. smile

    Click here to lend your support to: Freesound 2011 donations and make a donation at !
    Donate to
    so it can serve even more and better sounds to you in the future!
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    I'd love to contribute some music/sound effects to your game? My email in if you want to get in touch.

    My website is but I have a lot more music samples to send over to your email that are not yet online.



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