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    Laser Harp for Science Museum in Egypt

    Hello Everybody,

    I'm working on building a Laser Harp to be showcased in the Alexploratorium (Alexandria, Egypt). The project is entirely open-source, i.e. all electronic schematics and source-code will be published soon.

    To give the museum visitors the chance to generate some improvised jamming on the spot, I need to have some sample loops, beats, effects, hi-hat, drum, plain tunes... etc all recorded on a DIY audio sampler. I found some interesting loops that I can use, but now I don't know what other suitable sounds should I have saved on the audio sampler as well.

    Hopefully, you would be of great help if you can reply to my message with an answer in this form, for example:

    Loop: 53281
    Sound #1: 179825
    Sound #2: 179826
    Sound #9: xxx

    I will then take your recommendations, and have them mapped to the laser lines on the laser harp. You don't have to compose a track out of them, because that's what the museum visitors will be doing in real time.

    The number of samples I need is around 6 or 7 at least, and 16 at most.

    Thank you very much smile

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    clickie wrote:
    ... I don't know what other suitable sounds should I have saved on the audio sampler as well.

    Just a thought: if you want the visitors to quickly get a pleasing result
    have breaking a beam start/stop (toggle) beatbox loops like incredibox ...

    [ incredibox sounds are protected, you'd have to come up with your own beatbox loops ]

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    Part of the plan already wink

    Do you have any recommendations for the audio samples to use?

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    what kind of beats are you looking for. because i could make some loops for you to use. seeing as i have the free time right now. the ones i have uploaded to my profile are just a small taste of what i can do. as i also make my own music. I can do more than just the samples i uploaded. give me a private message, and i can make some loops with your input, (sending back and forth via drop box). then i will upload them all here, seeing as this is an open source project. (which i love the idea).

    ~Deliver the Beats~

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