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    Whisper and deep voice request

    Hi there,
    I've been using freesound as a source of inspiration for years by now, but it's the first time I show up on the forum because I'm in need of something more specific.
    I've been writing (me and a friend) a long song (approx 28 minutes and counting) which sounds like "droning rock" on the trail of Earth, Om etc.
    We're almost at the end of the process but we're growing tired of our own vocals smile , which cannot fit the mix no matter how many times we tried re-arranging them.
    So we're looking for two things:

    1) a soft whispering voice similar to this one I found on the archive

    saying "respect and abnegation" and "the fear of growing emptier"

    2) a deep voice reading slowly the following lyrics (part of a short poem written by me, so no copyright infringement)

    "The quake moved mountains
    Grief and consternation
    Still screaming, still unsuitable
    Drops fall into the ocean"

    Part 2) should be spoken by a man (we need a deep voice to fit with a bass/drums texture) while part 1) could be done indifferently by a woman or a man.

    Thank you in advance and...we hope to share with you the final result when it's ready! smile

    Dan. PseudoRandomNoise

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