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    DJ Drop/Voice/Sample

    I need a voice over - male or female voice

    "DJ Goldie Live"

    "The Blonde Bomber Live"

    "The Blonde Bomber"

    "DJ Goldie Rocks"

    I would very much like - in the order listed by importance/need

    To have the above quoted text produced in a DJ identifier Vocal sample or Voice Over.

    I'm a wee baby DJ needing help getting started.


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    I see others are calling this a Voice Sample, I'm new to this -

    "Voice sample of my name"

    Air name: Goldie

    Dee-Jay Gol-dee

    Any one of the first things I mentioned in quotes are cool, I just want to see what it sounds like in something other than my voice...

    Thanks ;3

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    *clears away cobwebs and peeks in here*

    Still no replies huh....

    This is 'Freesound' Right?

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    I'm new here and I need vocal sounds too! I see that there are no reactions in this topic. I wish there where because I need vocal samples befor 20 april. I hope someone can help me with this!

    Text for vocal samples (Male of Female):

    'Join The Beat'

    'You're listening to your enthertainment of this night.... Join.... The.... Beat!!!!!'

    'Djean Jeasse' (Djeen Djeasse)

    I hope someone could help me with this!


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    I know that a reply is possibly going to get your hopes up, so sorry to disappoint you because I have nothing to offer, but it has been awfully quiet around here lately (or so the impression has been).
    If you get nothing in about a week, PM me, and I may be able to help, but I am absolutely not a voice guy. Perhaps I can add a few effects here and there and try to make myself sound surreal or so, I don't know. But at least you'll have something. Keep bumping this thread and see if you can hopefully get someone to answer. Three people come to mind: tekgnosis, speedenza and perhaps Carmsie (for a little twist). Try PMing them individually (and don't tell them I sent you there). If in 7 days you get nothing, PM me.
    Good luck!

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