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    Rasta required to read poem describing DUB music

    Hi guys,

    I need someone to read and record this epic description of what dub music is, in an a voice with passion and soul.
    This desciption comes from a really interesting forum post at

    I wanted to get the original poster to read it but its looking as though he has disappeared after this one post in 2002. Proper ephemeral.

    "Dub is all about space. To give each sound its own place. Dats why the bass often get pushed down to sub frequencies. It bubble up ya spine from di ground, forming the ground in ya conshus. Reminding you what is below. Meanwhile sharp hi-hats are cutting in thru ya ears. Feel the contrast, the space between. From the right the snare drum CLASH! then echo off to the left to the left to the left to the left... Uncaptural lightning travelling thru space and time. While the riddim carry on, take you along to a journey beyond. A voice pops up in front of yor face "Jah Jah come..." then it's gone. Appear dissappear. But not to silence as you realise you can hear it in the distance. The melody far away on the edge of your expansive conshusness. Someone is singing out there. You try to contemplate this but BOOM! the lightning flash snare returns. This time it echoes around your head. Spinning around, you try to catch it but it's gone too qwik and you feel alone. Alone in space... except the riddim is still dere, holding you to the Earth, keeping you to your own piece of the Earth. The Peace of the Earth. The pace of the Earth. The place of your birth. An organ breathes it's song in and out of phase. Trying to materialize but never making it. Is it real or is it a dream. The guitar skanks - did you imagine it? A past memory or a future thought? Dub is ephemeral. Liquid music - hard to grasp, easy to imbibe. Why? Why not make something concrete? Good Dub lets the listener dive into his or her sub-conscious to bring what is inherently Oneself to the music. Dub is a journey for the soul. And journey can not exist without space and time. And space and time are not a journey without a traveller. Dub is the path. Dub is the Way. The sonic light to brite up di nite and mek tings right."

    Any recording that anyone can describe will be fully attributed.


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