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    (Male) vocal request for track, details inside

    Ok, I'm looking for vocals for a track I am making. I do not have the proper recording equipment and do not posses an accent less english voice, so I thought I would try it here.

    I don't mind if it is a paid or non paid sample. I release some of my music on 12" but this has always been a break even thing for me. If you are willing to do it freely I can send you the 12" record if you want, if it ever gets released (which is probable, if I can work this idea into a song).

    - Sample should be spoken in accentless English, british or american.
    - Style: Strong but relaxed voice, male
    - Have some silence between the lines, and a small silence for interpunctions (the last I can cerrect in production phase)

    Since I know there are some voice actors here, a small fee can be discussed. If you want to head this way please upload about 4 lines of the text as a demo and PM me an amount you have in mind. Keep in mind with your offer that this is a hobby for me and profits are marginal in the amounts I'm pressing.

    My soundcloud page is:

    As you can judge by the lyrics, it's a punk / illegal rave thing that I am aiming at:

    "You are the party

    You ARE the party

    Show support

    We need you

    Parties are stopped, by ignorance

    Parties continue, through perseverance

    You have power

    Power in numbers

    You can stop the police

    Stop the police

    Show your support

    Protect the generator

    Protect the DJ

    Do not become violent

    Unless you need to

    The police do not belong here

    The police do not belong on a party

    We are one

    Stick together

    Help each other

    Form a line

    Make some noise

    We are the tribes

    Our weapon is noise"

    Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to hearing if anybody is interested in helping me!

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