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    Intense warrior style speech vocal required

    Hi all,im not quite sure how to start these things.

    I'm after if possible for a vocalist that could record an intense style speech for use in a production of mine?

    Currently I don't have all of the phrase to write down and request although I do have a hook and style in mind if atall helpful?

    Below i will drop a link to the only example I could find admittedly massively dated now lol.

    Its in this style of intensity and passion im looking for to add into my track if possible

    The track i have is in the genre of harddance at 155bpm if that helps?
    I mention this as you could imagine the audience and context of the vocal

    The hookline is also the name of the track which is AxeMan
    Im open to various plays on words within the context of the name doubling as guitar/horror etc

    If possible that anybody could help with this I would be interested in going through ideas etc with you before hand,im also very open to you putting your own style/stamp across.

    before I ramble any further i will post a link to the track uploaded currently on soundcloud.

    One more thing to mention if possible,the hookline I am your AxeMan will drop on the phrase Axeman
    at 1:39 which will be followed by live guitar riff solos.

    Thank you for reading this far,I cant wait for you to get in touch.


    Craig <--- Link to track AxeMan

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