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    British Female DJ voice intro

    Hello there. Looking for a sexy voice introduction and bonus line for my trance podcast, 4,573 Miles To Ibiza. Female, preferably British (although I can live with American), Dry (no FX), saying, "Straight from America's center, be ready to get in touch with the sounds of the Mediterranean.....(then after drop climax say this) Welcome to 4,573 Miles To Ibiza (pronounced eye-bee-tha). Presented by Neon Discharge." (this is pronounced exactly like it looks, BTW).

    The "bonus line" I am also requesting is just a whispered, "You're listening to 4MTI." (4MTI is pronounced four-em-tee-eye). I already have made my own drop FX and the voiceover will replace a series of quotes I am currently using. You can hear my drop at the beginning of this podcast if need guidance for delivery speed.

    I will love you forever if you can do this, and you will be credited if desired.

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