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    (Preferably Female) Movie Trailer Voiceover

    Hi all,

    I recently finished my short film The Lilith Necklace - - and am working on a trailer.

    I'm looking for a version of this guy. Mysterious and knowing. Guy or girl, but prefer girl.



    I'm going to tell you a story about The Lilith Necklace, and the stranglehold it places on all who see it. A tale of lust; lust for power, and lust for wealth. Four men and women will follow the necklace towards an inevitable end: murder.


    In return, I will give the chosen artist voiceover credit in the film's final credits, and a sneak peak at the film before its release. As for my plans for the film, I will start submitting to film festivals in April or May. (Note: *all* work on this film - cast, crew, post-production - was volunteer, I'm not trying to get free VO for a paid film!)

    Feel free to respond in the forum or message me.

    Many thanks,

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