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    Need Female Whispers

    Hey guys, this site is a great resource! I have found a ton of great stuff here, however, I am having trouble finding some specific female whisper sounds. I am looking for something like these tracks.

    I am looking ideally for something whispered, like one word or two words. Something that is ambiguous, I'm really not super particular. I found one on this site of a whisper of "Wide open" and that sounded pretty cool, it's a nice image of wide open spaces so maybe something that compliments the ambience of how it will be used. And then also I am looking for some whispery breaths. Something that will add organic breath to a track.

    Ideally I am looking for well recorded, dry samples. I will reverb them according to the tracks. They will be used in down tempo dub tracks and progressive psytrance tracks. Ideally I am looking for something free but if I need to pay or make mention of the provider in my tracks then we can work something out provided the samples are what I need.

    As of now I am not making any money off my tracks, I hope one day to but for now I am just trying to make some compelling music.

    I guess I should also mention that ideally I am looking for female whispers but if there are some nice male ones they may find some uses as well. I just need some organic contrast to a highly digital sound palette.

    Anyway, if anybody can upload something like that it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks for your time and consideration!

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