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    Quotes about great musician

    I am in big trouble. First, this is a non-commercial project. I am making a short video for the introduction at my son's Bar Mitzvah. He is a really fine rock guitarist and I am creating an opening montage video showing him in a light as if he were already a famous musician. Not really a mockumentary...but close. At any rate, I promised my wife and son that I could do this but now I have a problem. I wanted to put three or four voice overs of famous people talking about another musician as if they were speaking about my son. You know something randon like Quincy Jones saying "yea, he really is to turn a few simple notes into something that you can never forget" or any other generic quotes with people with cool voices talking about a talented musician....where the name of the musician can be edited out or left out of the quote. I thought it would be I can't find any! Anyone have any ideas to help?

    Also, since I out here looking for a huge favor, does anyone have a great broadcast voice that would like to say something like?

    "Tonight on Storytellers....the man behind the Bar Mitzvah, the musician, the new face of music itself...Noah Cohen"

    Anyone who can help me with either of these projects will have my gratitude for life!

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