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    Sound samples for iPhone game

    I'm working on an iPhone game, as an independent developer.

    Currently my game involves objects moving around in water, and colliding with each other and the container's walls.

    It would help to find some samples of the following sounds:

    - Clanks produced by a plastic or a metallic object, as when shaking a glass of water with nothing in it but a small object.

    - Underwater clanks, as above but using a glass full of water with a small object in it.

    - The sound made by a glass of water when it is tilted and the liquid in it is disturbed a little bit, or lapped on the container's walls.

    - Underwater turbulence produced when some objects in a full glass of water are perturbed.

    - Surface turbulence. The same as above, but when those objects suddenly jump off of the water, or are perturbed when they are floating on the surface.

    It would be better if that sounds are made using small objects, like ice cubes, for instance. But in general any hand-sized object would be good.

    Currently all I can afford is to give adequate attributions for the artistic work, for instance those like Creative Commons 3.0 license. Any royalty or fee payment is beyond my limitations.

    This is a zip file, with some of the samples, so you can have an idea of what I've described.

    I've used these samples as place holders, and to have an idea as how they sound in the game. But none of them can be included in the final release as they are all subjected to privative license agreements.

    I would appreciate any help, from this great comunity's members.

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    Hey, here are two search query suggestions, which you can combine with CCBY and CC0 license filters (top of right side bar):
    water shake

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    so it can serve even more and better sounds to you in the future!
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    Thanks, there are very good recordings, especially when the list of results are sorted by number of downloads

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