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    Needed: Woman vocal for 128bpm electro / dance song


    My name is Refive and I'm a dirty dutch, trance and dance producer from the netherlands. Currently I'm working on a new song, called 'Roll the dice'. And the only thing I need left is a vocal of a woman voice, based on the song, ofcourse. Something that will make the song even better! grin

    What I expect as lyrics are something like:
    Intro: (some singing about the dice, think about shape, size, colours, points, win, lose, whatever) "This is the rolling dice, you know who this is this is deejay Refive. The only thing we came here for is the wooshing drop so lets take a ride and shot the cup."

    At the drop (before the beat starts): "Let's pump the fucking beat up. Roll the dice."

    Second part after the drop, inside the main lead / beat: "Rolling rolling dice dice your size is wize wize, you roll like a ball the points are my goal. One, two, three or four, five six and shit bricks if you see those chicks. Let's keep the beat up and move to the next cup."

    Ofcourse, these lyrics are just an example I just made while typing this thread. You can change them to whatever you want, but I'll tell if it's OK or not. If you use the lyrics I just gave as example, it will be OK.

    Please keep it on the beat so I can edit it easily and add some effects. I'll give the download link when you're interested.

    After creating the song, I'll go make a videoclip with a friend and upload it to YouTube. Your name will be in the title and description as special thanks (optional a link to your contact page so other people can contact you, like you on facebook, follow on twitter, etc.).

    The title will be like: "Refive ft. YOURNAME - Rolling the dice"

    Thanks for reading this and I hope you're interested!

    Greetings from Holland,


    Demo version of 30 seconds:

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