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    I have a chain :)

    I'm borrowing a length of steel chain for a while. Seriously. Any requests?

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    I'd say go ahead and get creative.
    Looking forward to the sounds!

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    Chains slowly dragged across hard surfaces and oozing in reverb are a classic sound effect for all manner of spooky dungeon and Halloween FX. Gotta do that one. Whoosing, whipped chains and chains crashing against other metals and surfaces would sound cool BUT ONLY IF you can manage it safely without risk of damage to yourself or equipment (eye protection!). Bolt cutters cutting into chain links are another idea.

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    that sounds awesome. some one should make a random halloween/horror track out of that smile

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    In a ceramic bowl getting moved about smile
    Tense and pull it over some wood
    Chain related 'whoosh noises'
    drop it
    roll it about in your hands
    take it for a walk

    Just a few ideas smile

    Let us know how the experiment went.


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