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    2 Minute Game Read

    hi fellow free sound members.

    i am looking for a 2 minute read, of the following script for a gaming tutorial:

    "Welcome, this Tutorial will show how to capture a level 33 Cargo in 50 seconds with 1 ship taking no damage in.

    A quick and easy 4 to 5 million in resources.

    Using an assault mortar dreadnought x, but similar tactics can be used with any mortar ship with a speed of above 12.

    Ok, start the timer.

    Turn your mortar ship around. use your finder finder webs.

    Move away from the drac fleet just as they are on the edge of your weapon range.

    Turn slighty to keep them on your weapons range edge

    Assault Mortar blueprint can be found from defeating drac fleets guarding 29 and above cargo.

    Sunk in 50 seconds.

    The increased splash on the mortars from high explosive shells will really help sink them quickly.

    here is the Ship build

    shockwave mortars will also work if you dont have assault mortar blueprint yet.

    Thank you for watching.

    For more battle pirates help and advice please visit, www dot facebook dot com forward slash battle dash pirates."

    I very much appreciate this, tone of voice and accent is not too important as i will be adding sound effects and pitch change.

    Thanks for reading James

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    Hello, I took a shot at it, hope you like it!
    This sound requires attribution, even if you edit it! If you want to use it, you have to write attribution into your credits.

    How to attribute: Include the text "Voice recording by qubodup under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license from" in the location where this sound is used, for example in the text at the start screen of the tutorial or in a "credits" window that has to be accessible from within the game (the link should be clickable). Thanks!

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