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    Request for Simple and Humorous Background Music

    I am making a machinima for the game of DayZ. It's gonna be a comedy based show taking place in a zombie world. I was thinking of adding some simple background music to it, but I'm far from talented in that department. I was wondering if I could ask for anyone's help in making background themes. They'd be pretty simple looped themes.

    The general conversations flow like this:

    Bad idea is suggested
    Joke on bad idea
    Joke on the joke

    Here are some examples that I was thinking of. They can be as complex or even simpler than these. Any instrument is fine, I was just thinking it'd be something pretty mellow for the background:

    go to this page
    Track #3 Mischief.

    Even a few looped chords or notes would probably work.

    Let me know if you think this is feasible at all. Even a simple .midi synthesized loop would probably work. I'd say loops could be around 30 seconds-ish long, but any and all loops would be appreciated smile

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