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    Radio Jingle for EDM Radio !

    Hi all,

    I am DRONKO, a dubstep Producer (Search on YouTube or SoundCloud you'll find me up), and I'm starting my own EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Web Radio on next month, and I need some Radio Jingles, with a good quality. The Project is very serious, I'm locating a local near my area, a server and a very good internet connection. The Radio is named "EDM Channel".

    So here is the jingles I would like to have :

    "EDM Channel, your number one source of electronic music!"
    "EDM Channel : Basse, Wobbles and stuff !"
    "EDM Channel !"
    "Your are currently on the automated playlist of EDM channel"

    If it's pssible, I would take some Sound Effects in the sentences, like on realFM. Like "EDM Channel -kshhhhhhhh-, your number -one... ONE-...source of electronic music -wuaaabwaaab-", okay, I'm writting sound effects. Seriously you know what I mean!

    *Important : I can offer price for this job on Paypal if it's nicely done. I would also mention your work onlive.


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