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    Can Someone Tell Me What Genre These Sounds Are?

    I keep hearing these sounds on TV, and I would love to search to grab some for my machinima. However, I cannot find the right keyphrases and tags to search for them.

    An example I have is from Hell's Kitchen. They often use alot of background sound effects that I think are percussion based. The first 30 seconds or so contains alot of these different instruments:

    Particularly at 2:44 there is this clapper sound that I would love to grab.

    The background noises and music for Hell's Kitchen for example really set the mood and the music is seamlessly and constantly changing.

    My questions are:

    A) What genre are these types of sounds? How would you describe them?

    B) What is the instrument at 2:44?

    C) How would you describe the genre of music that is played in the background?


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    The sound at 2:44 is a pair of castanets - two spoon-like wooden thingies a percussionist will rapidly clap together. A staple of flamenco music, for example.
    As for the genre... Hmm. I would call it "Hans-Zimmer-Baroque"... Typical contemporary score-music. With the castanets, and other percussive sounds you refer to, my best guess is that they're from some current cinematic percussion library, such as True Strike Tension from Native Instruments for example.
    If you're looking for a Freesound eqivalent, give the keywords "metal" "hammered" or "junkyard" a shot and have a go at the results with the filter of your choice.
    I'm sure some castanets will be available as well.
    Hope this helped...

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