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    Language samples, please contribute! (2012 Re-post)

    Hi all,

    back in 2007 I posted a request for voice samples in various languages/accents/regional variants ( ). My idea was to get a picture - or should I say a fragment? - of the sonic diversity of human spoken language.

    The request had good response from the users, and Freesound today hosts around 100 such samples in Spanish, English, Chinese, German, French, Arabic, Tagalo, Russian, Japanese... COOL! (You may find the samples easily, just search the tag 'global-village')

    Today I thought of re-issueing the request, here I go:

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a sample board of voices, in as many languages/moods/flavours as possible? If you have a recording device of some kind and you are willing to help you can contribute, no special requirements as regards sound quality: a small electret condenser mic, a tape recorder, MD, computer mic, anything would do!

    I bet some Freesounders have *very* nice voices, and we all would love listening to you, your brother, your boyfriend, your mum speaking Russian, English, French, Catalan, Dayak, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Basque, German, Japanese...

    Come on! Just remember to tag your sample(s) global-village



    PS, shall we get many more samples than in 2007? Fewer? Are present-day users more/less cooperative?

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    Hi Dobroide

    I posted a link to this thread on the 'Dare the Community' forum, in case there are any takers there. That forum does not have a great deal of movement at the moment... but you never know smile

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    Only joined Freesound last year. Cool idea.

    Check out my two first global-village sounds.

    Many more to follow. (Hopefully in all 11 official languages of South Africa...)

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    I'm working on EWIEL (every word in every language) and have made long tracks reading the local dialect of my city in Holland.
    Edit the tag global-village to it. Love your idea...


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    What kind of recordings would you prefer?

    Conversation, monologue or some text read out loud?

    I though about reading a poem or a short story, would that. be fine?

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    Poems, shopping list, curses... whatever! In the original post I suggested a motto-like sentence (Sound must be free), but anything you might think of would suit.
    Thanks to all of you, guys


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    Nice idea! smile

    Added a pack with two German dialects - standard high-German and the local dialect in the western Odenwald region of southern Germany:

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