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    DJ Drop / Shout-out / Intro's

    Looking for DJ Shout-out's / intro's / drops? is very reactive to these requests. They have a forum dedicated to DJ Drops:

    The reason I'm posting this here: While I'm not a big contributor to the free sound site, the site is focused mainly on building up a big database of sounds. Adding sounds like "You're in the mix with DJ " isn't beneficial to a whole lot of people on free sound. People come to this forum often asking for DJ Drops, but I think these people might do well by going to, where it looks like people respond within hours for vocal requests.

    I'm not affiliated with either nor This is just a personal observation. So by all means, if this topic is on the bounds of acceptable, I won't be offended if it's taken down. I just thought I'd post this in case it saves people time/effort. smile

    Also of note: if you're looking for vocals of a specific nature, people on are very responsive, so check-out the other forums they have regarding vocal requests:

    That's not to say that you couldn't request the samples over on, and if they're released as CC0 (or any compliant license), post them up on free sound wink


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