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    [Request] Voice intro for a Livestream Channel

    Greetings awesome people of!

    I'm the owner of a lesser known livestreaming channel called StimorolLive on Twitch.TV ..

    I daily get around 200 people watching the stream which streams games for a good 4-5 hours every day.

    Though it's not a famous channel with half a million views each hour I still love to do the best I can for my viewers and since the channel has gotten incredibly known within days I'd love to get a bit more serious and have a intro with a voice. Nothing serious, something perhaps 2-5 seconds long basically just saying "Welcome to Stimorol's channel", something I can use along with a video intro. Perhaps even something I can use when I have to do something non-relevant to the streaming, some kind of fun "We're experiencing technical problems" or something fun to break the silence.

    TL;DR Voice recording saying something like "Welcome to the channel, We'll be live in 5 seconds. We hope you enjoy the stream"

    Thank you for reading this.

    Edit: Of course if you want your name on the channel for the voice recording you'll be in the top of the info box, right under the video so you're sure everyone will see your name constantly..

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    Got some stuff for you if you want it. I wasn't sure on the pronunciation of the name so I took two shots at it: one set of samples carries the suffix v1 and the other pronunciation is marked v2.

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