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    Looking for a sound like in the example


    I'm looking for a song for an introduction. I know what kind of song I need, but I really don't know how to find it in your database.

    I'm looking for a song like the two firsts in this video : (The incoming song and the second one when the logo desappears).

    Thank you very much if you can help me !

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    Your request is a bit confusing. "Song" and "sound" have different meanings.

    For reference: I tried creating something similar to (.ogg, uploaded under fair use terms for review).

    Here are my results:

    The second half of it I didn't quite get. I'd love to see somebody try creating a machine-like sound like the intro in the linked video has it.

    I basically did nothing but mixing a few CC0 sounds from Freesound:

    The .aup is available for download.

    Donate to so it can serve even more and better sounds to you in the future!
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    I didn't know Audacity came in a brown paper wrapper smile

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