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    Group Project: Words of Power in The Languages of the World

    I propose that all who are interested upload a file with the following spoken words: "welcome, peace, love, joy, hope, compassion, mystery, unity, equality, creativity, freedom, health, spirit, inspiration, release"

    The words should be spoken in precisely this order, and each should be separated by a brief silence. Each file should consist of one language only, but hopefully, we will accumulate a collection of these files in many different languages and voices. If possible, record at standard stereo quality 44hz, 16bit.

    I have uploaded such a file titled "powerwords-english". It will be available when it comes through the moderators.

    Let's hear the voices of the world join together in speaking these words of power. Let us offer them freely to the creative designs of our planetary artists.

    For consistency, I encourage you to use the following tag words: powerwords, words, language, english, speech, spoken, natural

    - Joshua L.

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    cool idea

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    on it-gonna put mine in russian and spanish.

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