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    Vocal Sample For DJ Set


    Not sure how this works, stumbled upon this site looking for Samples for DJ shutouts.

    I'm doing a headphone disco as a one off - and don't want to blow peoples ears off when using mic, tried pre-recording my own voice, but I just cant get it right!

    Anyway, looking for a few Vocal Samples, Looking for Male Deep "Epic Loud Voice" - However, im open to anyone doing it! If you think you can do something cool with it, try it by all means!

    Sample 1: "You are listening to DJ Matt-Tastic Cheesing it up Cheeeeeeese Styleeeeeeeeeee"
    Sample 3: "Summer Ball people 2012, you lookin sexy Mofos!"

    Pretty cheesy I know, but thats the vibe I have to do!

    Not sure how this all works, I'm assuming these samples are free to use?

    Anyway, Hope somebody can help!

    Thankyou for ya time.

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