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    Need sound of 50 aluminum cans shooting out of vending machine.

    I am working on a 3D intro of a vending machine, and at one point the machine spits out about 50 cans in under 4 seconds all over the street. I have found some sounds here already that will help in the mix, but I still need a solid 5 second long aluminum drink cans falling and banging together sound.

    If anyone can help with this it would be much appreciated. Below is a link to a really rough render of the project so you can see what I need in terms of sound.


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    there is a vending machine can sound ...

    you could repeat and layer the single can delivery sound, varying the pitch and duration to simulate different cans, e.g. ...

    [ looking at the video; you may also need to add the sound of cans hitting/rolling-on the floor ]

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