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    Voice(s) Needed

    Good Day
    I need a small heap of voice samples recorded for a song I'm working on, if someone would be willing to help out that would be wonderful ^_^ The samples consist of many single words, all to be spoken with a tiny silence in between. This is going to make my post MUCH longer, but I'm going to write them one below the other, because some of them have a little note with them. All together it is 32 things. This is my first time requesting samples, so I'm not really sure what the protocol is, or how keen someone will be to record all this - if I'm doing something wrong, please let me know >.>
    That being said, this is going to be awesome when it's done. If it would help/motivate anyone to hear the kind of music I make (psytrance), just say, "YOU WITH THE HAT, PASTE SOME MUSIC MAN", and I will ^_^

    [] indicate instructions for that block
    () indicate instructions for that word

    [To be spoken in a neutral voice]
    Uncertainty. (stretch the eeeeee a bit, uncertaintyyyyyyyyy)
    Psychopathy. (sI-kopu'thee, stretch the eeeeee)

    [To said loudly in an excited voice]
    A-HA! (stretch the first aaa a bit, aaaaaaa-ha!)
    I GOT IT!
    CLARITY! (stretch the eeeeeee, clarityyyyyy)
    ACED IT!
    EPIPHINY! (stretch the eeeeeee, epiphinyyyyyy)

    [to be said in speaking voice]
    but what if
    i think maybe
    how about
    i think i could
    I'm not so sure
    NEW PROBLEM (use your big voice grin ) (sound amazed!)
    PUZZLE PIECE (use your big voice, deep as possible)


    In the ideal world in my head multiple people would record a take each, I think the effect of different voices saying these groups of messages which conform to a common abstraction would sound really awesome/powerful.

    ...but yeah, preliminarily, thank you sirs and ladies,

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    For that matter, if anyone could do any amount of these it would be great, many hands make light work grin I think having a few in a certain voice and a few in an other will be a Great Effect!

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    I've loaded seven files. Hope they are of use.

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    aahhahhahaha dude, that's great, thanks! I'll message you a link to the song when it's done \grin/

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    Do you still need these? Can have them by end of next week.

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