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    Dialogues for a movie

    Hi I am a newcomer to the freesound and so far i have been finding the website really helpful in regards to the background sound effects. I am doing a small project in moviestorm for my class and need some voiceover/dialogues done. Please let me know if this can be done here. The dialogues i want spoken are as follows.
    Thanks and cheers

    Scene 1:
    Mom (Loving and caring)
    Standing at the sink, finish washing dishes.

    Mom: “I am almost done, let’s get ready for bed”

    Teenage Boy (A cute kid but mischievous and with a good heart)
    Sitting at the table reading a book and drinking milk

    Boy: “Yes Mom”

    Boy walks towards the fridge

    Mom: “Don’t you get into those chocolates now” (loving and sweet voice)
    Boy: “ I am not mom”

    As they walk out of the kitchen

    Mom: How’s your History paper coming along?
    Boy: Coming along great. I am nearly finished.
    Mom: That’s great!

    Scene 2:
    As they walk up the stairs

    Mom: Good night dear and don’t forget to brush your teeth!

    Boy: okay mom, good night!

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