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    "city noise" research

    I suggest everybody to share a recording of 1 minute from a window of your home in your town. Let say 6PM... It will be interesting to hear and compare traffic, voices, etc from different cities. I'll do it tomorrow...

    let use the same tags "city noise"

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    thats a nice idea.
    i post 2 : the first was made some days ago in the early evening with some digital live-processing on the input.
    the 2nd i'll do now, because its 6 P.M. now.

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    Nice idea. Actually cant think of the url right now but there's a site with a similar aproach.
    Ofcourse this should also get Geotagged smile

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    superb idea.
    don't have a microphone right now, but....

    - bram

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    just added one file (sunday.02.mp3) which might fit
    note: my urban sound environment is in general rather dirty, this sample is quite exceptional

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    I have just added 4 recording from my town...


    to better find it I used the "city noises" tag...

    hope to hear your city noises soon!

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    I have just added this... to finish the day.

    Via_Marzia_4August05_12PM.mp3 :: (1:0cool ::

    I was surprised on what the unconscious italian guy says, I don't agree with him, but this is my town...

    About "city noises", "field-recording" or streetnoise...
    I would really like to get some sounds of streets from different town of the world. I'm thinking to use it in a composition. So if you share it, please gibe me also information about day, time and location.

    all the best

    P.S. I'm waiting for a confirmation for the files I have just uploaded.

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