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    Looking for instruments to make score

    heya guys,
    im looking for some samples/loops to make a depressing moody score. Mainly violins, chellos and pianos.

    If you can help it would be cool.
    i have about 8 GB of sounds here so im sure i can repay for your help!
    thank you!

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    i'm often in your situation DarkWolf: searchin' the right sound to fit the score
    I would love to help you, but giving I listen to my sound archive ..
    I have found not much material in a 'depressing mood'
    maybe just a few samples, but .. all copyrighted material :?
    and for obvious reasons they cannot be uploaded here, i'm sorry

    look like you need some good commercial sample library,
    if I must suggest only one, my choice goes on "Scoring Tools"
    wich comes in handy in situations like this, check it out ->

    good luck :wink:

    suonho @ soundcloud groovin' lifetime
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    Sorry no cellos or violins but...

    Try my sample packs for some evil sounds:

    Horror Synth

    granny files-

    Mangled voices

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