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    Come on guys are you "biepin" serious???
    I know this site is about sound, but "biepin" hell.
    There is someone "biepin" on the right agains my "biepin" left ear. And then someone starts to "biep" from the "biepin" left in my "biepin" right ear.
    Its just like a "biepin" tennis match, CALM DOWN!!! Go listen to some nice "biepin" music!!

    And to tttapeeeva10

    If you have a machine that makes the sound you need, is it so difficult to make the recording yourself???(my 7 year old son can do this, seriously!!)
    Or do you need help???
    And if you need help, I strongly advise you DONT INSULT anyone before you get help.

    Record all the crap you can!! doesnt matter if it sounds like shit.
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    I would say don't insult anyone after you got help either. smile

    In this place there is freedom of speech.
    People should be allowed to say "I disagree with you" without getting insulted or shouted at.

    I want to believe.