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    Remixing (?) a Engine sound mp3


    Please forgive my ignorance of the correct terms to use but I'm a complete novice when it comes to sound related work and am hoping someone might be able to help point me in the right direction on a small project I'm working on.

    A have some great sample files (~2 minutes) of an F1 car engine in a lab on blocks randomly going up and down the rev scale. What I want to do is to create a short clip - maybe 5-10 seconds from it starting at the lowest revs and gradually moving up the scale to the highest present - smoothly. (I've tried just cutting it apart but that doesn't produce a very good result).

    The idea then is, armed with that short clip, I can produce a sound relating to a certain rev number. So say the clip covers 0 to 17k revs if I want to produce the sound at revs of 8k then I know it's a certain distant into the clip and I can loop 10ms worth (for example) from that point in the file.

    I'm going to be using this is a web page and will be using a javascript audio plugin (or html5) to play the sounds. The audio plugin will allow me to sample at a specific point (and loop) and also change the pitch and channel balance when needed. This is to be used within a Google Earth simulation where the user could be in the car (just sound related to current revs) or elsewhere with the car is moving relative to them (sound for current revs + doplar shift calculations for pitch change and channel balance for relative location).

    I'm fairly happy as to how I approach the GE and javascript side but am at a loss to how to construct my initial base sound clip that will give me the full range of engine sounds I need. Any pointers to how I put this together from my 2min sample would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and kindest regards

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    Volume Automation.

    If you have the power to, layer your rev under your underlying engine, volume graph your rev into the shot as it revs. try that.

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