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    Help for a novice please

    I just had some good help over on Sample Requests, which helped me find 2 .wav files to join together to give me the effect I need,
    but, It seems there's a bit more to this 'sound file' malarky than I thought wootops:
    I found 2 .wav files to make up my sound (which I want to load onto my mobile phone as a ringtone - I've done this before with short .mp3 files and it has worked)
    So, I stitched these together with MP3 Album Maker, put the resulting file thro' Audacity and exported it as a .mp3 and it plays OK.
    I then transferred the file to my Motorola using Motorola software, and it has transferred to my phone OK - BUT, it now won't play. The only difference I can see between this file and others that have gone over sucessfully is that others show as - MPEG 1 layer 3 128kbps 44100hz, and this resultant file shows as - MPEG 0 layer 3 128kbps 11025hz.

    I wanted this as a ringtone, just for a little fun with an older colleague of mine (a Navy type - 'Whooop Whooop - Now Hear This).
    As a novice, am I miles away from the track with this, or am I somewhere near getting it to work?
    I would appreciate some advice

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    So, I stitched these together with MP3 Album Maker

    Perhaps that is where things went wrong.

    Try mixing the wavs in Audacity

    Then export as an mp3. To do this you must have Lame mp3 encoder.

    Hope this works.

    Please let us know how you get on, it might be of use to others.


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    Thank you Benboncan - I did as you suggested and mixed the 2 x .wav files within Audacity and exported as .mp3, but, with the same results - the resulting .mp3 file will play Ok on my PC, and the same file will play within Motorola Tools software on my PC when I have transferred it across to my Motorola V3, but when I select the file to play as my ringtone on my V3, having disconnected from my PC, it will not play. I have done this same thing with several files in the past and they are all there on my phone and will play OK when selected.
    Maybe this is just one occasion when for a reason beyond me, I may have to admit defeat.
    Thank you again for your help

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