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    DIY dead cat for H2

    I've been busy with glue, scissors and artificial fur, resulting in a small dead cat fitting my Zoom H2 like a wig.

    The hairy H2 proves to work fine up to moderate winds. The occasional gust wrecking a recording can be silenced.
    I wouldn't recommend it as a replacement for a professional solution, but I paid next to nothing for the materials and it was two hours of work.

    Artificial fur can be found easily. Mine is from a second hand shop and was an accessory part of a dress. Look for long dense hair. Avoid fur with lots of loose hair. It is probably poor quality.

    I cut the fur and glued it together at the skin side, using some strips of non-flexible fabric for extra strength on the seems. This glue is special made for textile.

    Then I used a hot nail to burn series of little holes from the back side in the skin to improve high frequency response. I was careful not to melt the hair. If you can find artificial fur fitted on a good open mesh this won't be necessary I guess.

    I hope this inspires one or two Freesounders...

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    What about a mesh screen ?, e.g. fur-free sieve or splatter guard ...

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